Siberian Husky Leather Collar with Vintage Brass Plates and Nickel Pyramids

Dog handlers have found in the model not only powerful walking gear but stylish outdoor wear.

This Husky Breed Vintage Collar is ideal for the breed.

Get it for your pet!

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1 1/2 inch (40 mm) Leather Dog Collar with Vintage Decorations for Siberian Husky

This leather dog collar was made of the finest full grain leather and furnished with handmade nickel plated hardware. Antiqued old brass plates were chosen as decoration. Amazing plates with columns of nickel pyramids in between.

Great exterior of this collar is the reason for purchase of this dog wear. This is the collar that suits Husky dog breed splendidly. Symmetrically set wide hand polished plates evoke the antiquity, make us remember about the historical period without passing which we would never have been born. Silver colored nickel pyramids installed in columns go well with flat gold colored brass plates. The decoration favorably exhibits craftsmanship and good taste. Distinguished decoration-rich and elegant.

Because of careful burnish of leather surface this collar is smooth as silk; leather edges are rounded to prevent your dog's skin rubbing. Since the model was developed just for Husky dog breed it was made in accordance with his anatomical peculiarities.

A well-thought design of the collar is a guarantee of utmost comfort while wearing it. Husky wearing this collar will be able to focus on any task; his joyful pastime will not be alloyed by wearing this collar. Made of the finest materials the Husky Breed Vintage Collar does not cause allergy. Smooth clean hardware will never hurt anyone either.

This item is available in black, brown and tan colors. When ordering online mark the color you want to get!

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Width 1 1/2 inch (40 mm)
Material Full Grain Leather
Hardware (Buckle and D-ring) Steel Old Brass Plated
Intended Use Training & Walking
Design Spiked / Studded

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