Braided Leather German Shepherd Collar

Have you ever thought of making a present for the doggy?

He will surely appreciate if you choose this Fashionable Braided Leather Collar not as a present only, but also as a durable equipment for him.

Walk your German Shepherd in style with our new 2ply Braided Leather Dog Collar!

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1 inch (25 mm) Wide Leather Dog Collar with Braid for German Shepherds

Besides amazing design this Elegant Dog Collar possesses exceeding strength. The reasons of its durability are the following:

  • - it is made of 2 ply selected genuine leather that has good flexibility, but doesn't stretch and
  • doesn't lose its shape while constant usage;
  • - the decorative leather elements are hand braided and are stitched well to the main collar strap;
  • - this collar is stitched this collar at the edges;
  • - the fittings are made of durable brass metal that has high resistance to rust and corrosion;
  • - the area near the buckle and D-ring is reliably strengthened with rivets;
  • - the braided leather decoration is riveted at its ends too.

Without any hesitation you may use this Leather Dog Collar for:

Everyday walking. You will probably agree, that walking with the dog makes you more happy and cheers up your mood.

Take your dog on a safe walk with this Extra Durable 2 ply Leather Collar and you will never be ashamed of design or quality of your dog's equipment!

Training. Training session is a very important time both for you and your dog.

It's time when both of you are working to develop even more close and confidential relations. Choose only Top-class Leather Collars, like the one, we offer and enjoy training with your dog!

Whether you choose black, brown or tan color, the collar will look inimitable on your pet.

Double Leather German Shepherd Collar

Double Leather German Shepherd Collar

Braided 2ply Leather Dog Collar

2ply Leather Dog Collar with D-Ring

GSD Collar Braided Design

Designer Braided GSD Collar

Stitched Dog Collar for German Shepherd

Stitched Dog Collar for German Shepherd

Width 1 inch (25 mm)
Material Full Grain Leather
Hardware (Buckle and D-ring) Solid Brass
Intended Use Training & Walking
Design Braided

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