To get best fitting collar for your dog measure your dog’s neck properly and point the size when placing your order. Measure your dog’s neck size in the place where the collar should be - this is the the central part of the neck.

When taking the measurements, a dog should be in a sitting or standing position. Then clasp a central part of a dog's neck with a sewing centimeter. If you do not have a sewing centimeter, use a ribbon or a thick thread. Clasp a dog's neck with a thread and mark the place corresponding to the dog’s neck circumference. Then measure the thread to the marked place with the help of a ruler.

Note! The sewing centimeter should not constrict a dog's neck tightly. Do not measure the dog's neck with a margin otherwise the collar will be too loose.

When placing your order, please, choose the neck size in a dropdown menu corresponding to the size you measured.

When producing a collar according to the size of a specific dog, we will make several holes on a strap so that you could adjust the length of a collar - tightening and loosening a collar.

If you are an owner of a puppy or of a young dog, you should consider that your dog will grow big and a collar will become small over time. This is why you should specify your dog's age, sex and breed in comments.

In the picture you can see how a size of a collar corresponds to the girth of a dog's neck.

Dog Collar Sizing Chart


If you own an adult dog and his/her neck size is 20 inches, then a 20 inch neck size collar will be a perfect collar for your dog.

In a dropdown menu click "Choose Dog Neck Size : 20 inch"

The adjustment range of such a collar will be 18-22 inches.

The collar will have five holes.

The first hole will do for the 18 inches neck size and the last hole will do for the 22 inches neck size.