Dog leashes: kinds of leashes and which to choose?

What can be easier than choosing a leash for your dog? It seems very easy till that very moment you are standing at the counter with leashes in the pet shop.
A сompetent shop assistant will help you to choose an optimal variant for you and your dog, but if there is no experienced in this issue seller, you will have to make a right choice yourself. Quite often the dog owners, especially inexperienced ones, make a mistake, having chosen the equipment, which is uncomfortable or even impossible to use.
Let’s reject all the arguments like “this one is the most beautiful” and make out what kinds of leashes there are and what functions do they perform.

Retractable Leash

It is comfortable for walking in urban areas, the situation permits to let the dog go a little farther. Whatever may happen: the car or a woman with a pram turns up, the other dog appears - you may pull the dog up to yourself with one click only. You don’t have to hold the end of the leash in hand and the leash itself never traipses in dirt or snow, staining your clothes.

However, retractable leash is not suitable for all canines.

Rope type suits only small breeds while tape retractable leash withstands more intensive loads. Anyway, it not so reliable mechanism to retain strong, active and impulsive canines.
At the most important moment the tape line can be jammed or torn at all.
It is not recommended to catch at the rope in order to drag up the dog: it may result in serious hand injuries.

In this sense, a tape is preferable, as you will pull the dog closer to you easily, even if the mechanism will suddenly wear out. Nevertheless. during active walking the tape can be twisted, so that the handler has to rotate the mechanism all the time, straightening the leash out. Besides, the dog gets used to the constant leash tension, that is undesirable, because the dog will pull through habit, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Retractable leash fits small and middle easy-tempered dog breeds.
It is not advised to use for training and behavior correction of large and active dogs.


It is a short leash, meant for a short-term handling. It is extremely comfortable for walking in crowded places when you need to have your furry-friend over your constant control, transportation and similar situations. In fact, it is even not a leash, but just a prolonged loop: the owner can pass his hand through. It is also helpful, as the second hand of a guide is free. The lead doesn’t take much place and you can put it into the pocket.

It suits large canines, whose height allows using a short leash.
It isn’t suitable for small dogs and long walks.

Chain leash

It is clear from the name of the leash, its intended use is to demonstrate your pet at the dog shows. Chain leashes are divided into several modifications. The first one consists of two separate parts: a collar (very often a chain as well) and a leash.

They are joined by means of a small almost unnoticeable snap hook. Another type is a leash with a sliding loop (collar) at the end. It is a one-piece construction with 2 loops at the ends: one is a handle, another loop should be put on the dog’s neck to serve a collar and its size can be regulated with the help of a small clip, which is constructed of a leather loop and a metal pawl. The chain leash is designed to present the dog in a favorable light, staying almost imperceptible. The main rule of its use is the design, color, fittings and size of the leash should not distract the attention from the canine.

It is intended only for dog shows.
It is not recommended to use while training and walking.
Be advised: before the purchase, consult the experienced handler or professional breeder.


This type of a leash is suitable for walking 2 or more dogs simultaneously. As a rule, it is used at dog shows or short-term walks. It is not fitted for a long walking, as the movements of the 4-legged friends are held down.

It serves for dog shows and short-term walking.
It doesn’t suit for walking and training.

Walking and Training Leash

It is a must-have gear for every dog owner. Walking leashes are made of canvas, nylon or leather with the length from 1 up 3 meters.

You are advised to take a leash more than 2 meters length in order your walks to be comfortable for both you and your furry companion. Practicing of some skills (for example the “come” and the “fetch” commands) requires the leash with the length more than 5 meters.

It can be a special separate leash, or as well a leash, which is possible to fasten to the ordinary walking one.
The quality of the fittings and durability of the fastening are extremely important. Pay careful attention to a snap hook. It shouldn’t be unhooked at the slightest impact on it.

It does for walking and training.
It is not suitable for the situation when you need to keep the dog close.

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Choose only quality equipment for your pets. Let walking be joyful for you and your dog.