• Want to save your money by means of using one leash for a long period of time? You can easily do it with this High Quality Leather Leash. This piece of canine equipment can be used for different kinds of activities, such as walking, training, tracking, patrolling, etc. It is sturdy but rather soft at the same time. Moreover, due to its design you can...

  • Training sessions must be safe not only for a dog but for a dog owner as well. So, thinking about your comfort this Leather Leash with Padded Handle has been manufactured. This item will provide you with the utmost comfort when controlling your pet. Due to the 100% full grain latigo leather and special soft material on the handle the lead will be gentle...

  • Classic style will never be out of fashion. And when classic design combines with the utmost comfort it makes an item one-of-the-kind. This Leather Leash will probably meet all your demands. It was tested and approved by dog owners and trainers. It is durable enough to be used for different purposes such as walking, training, gaining control, etc.

  • Stitched 100% full grain genuine leather gives you an opportunity to use this leash for walking, training, tracking, patrolling and dog show.

  • With this canine supply you will be able to have more control over your doggy. You can also attach a standard leash to it. For this purpose this supply is equipped with a durable floating O-ring

  • Want your beloved doggy to be well-trained? Then it is recommended to train him / her at every given opportunity. For this purpose you need a piece of canine equipment which will be comfortable to take everywhere. So, look at this Short Leather Lead that will allow you to hold your pet under your control everywhere. Using this supply you’ll be able to...

  • As you know dog show is a very popular kind of activity among dog owners. And if you're going to participate in it, probably, you need a Special Leash. This lead is a perfect item as it is thin enough not to distract attention from your amazing doggy during a dog show. But at the same time this leash is strong enough to cope with your powerful...

  • Want your four-legged friend to be on a dog show? Need an appropriate leash for this purpose? Then you are on the right track. You should try it to see all its beneficial features by yourself. This item is a perfect combination of high quality, softness, reliability and durability

  • Just have a look at this Durable Leather Lead Decorated with Braids. This canine item can be used for different kinds of activities, such as walking, training, patrolling, obedience training, etc. Strong genuine leather will provide your hands with the utmost comfort and safe use of this itm. And these attractive braids will underline your unique style.

  • You can order this leash in black or dark brown color. Available sizes are 5 ft (150 cm) and 7 ft (210 cm). So, make your choice and purchase this Multifunctional Leather Lead to please your dog.

  • Cannot find a perfect leash for your dog? This Leather Lead is probably what you need. Most likely, this canine item will be able to satisfy all your demands.You can use it for different purposes, such as walking, training, tracking, pulling, etc. It is strong enough to withstand your pet’s pulling force. So, if used properly, it will serve you for a long...

  • Sometimes it is rather difficult to find an item that combines all the desirable features. But not now. This Leather Leash is a unique one. It is made according to international standards. It was tested and approved by many specialists and dog owners. You can use this piece of canine equipment for many kinds of activities. Try it. 

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