Buying handmade products is a way of self-expression and communication. You express yourself via the products you choose for other people.

Comparing with mass production goods, handmade products have completely different meaning: they carry the energy of a person who have created them. That’s why we feel comfort when buying something that has been made with love and soul. When we purchase handmade products we buy not just an object, but something more - we get an idea, a concept of human values.

Buying handmade products you show your care for other people, your openness and willingness to admit something new into your life. It is a kind of exchange and human interaction.


  1. You support local producers and, therefore, help local economy and community. Support for local business has a large number of benefits, there are too many of them to list them here but believe me, it works great! 
  2. You get a high-quality product created for a long-term use, unlike other mass production products which will probably fall to pieces in a year or two. Craftsmen are always proud of their creations and want them to serve you long. Even the materials are hand-selected for each of the product! Can you name the company that does the same? 
  3. Your gifts will be cool, modern, unique and, as a rule, the only ones of their kind. You can find really fab handicrafts that will be definitely appreciated with the questions like: “ Where can I get it?”
  4. Individual order! Since each item is handmade, as a rule you can communicate with the person who makes it. So you can order a certain color or size of the item that interests you or even make a custom order! It will allow you to avoid something like: “That’s all we have in stock!” Wanna get a mod phone case but probably it is of non-standard dimensions, and there is nothing suitable in the store? Get the custom made one with your specific sizes! Are your poodle’s sweaters bought from the store never approaches the size? Custom order is a help! In fact, opportunities are endless.
  5. You help the environment. It is always a great feeling, isn’t it? Handicrafts are never made at large factories and aren’t transported across the globe, using fuel and energy. Buying handmade products (especially at local markets) can significantly reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.
  6. You have unique relations with the craftsman. You have an opportunity to be in direct contact with the person who makes the product with his or her own hands. For main reasons, it’s just really cool. Just think how cool it would be to meet with your favorite fashion designer, artist, writer or chef. It's about the same feeling, but a bit more intimate.
  7. Let’s not forget that feeling when you have supported someone. For example when you buy something in our shop it is like you’ve helped to set the table for dinner (and I thank you for it with all my heart). You don’t need to pay for different levels of the store management (like cashier, shop assistant, manager, etc.) and waste money on supplier, designer and manufacturer, because only one craftsman performs all these functions!
  8. Buying handmade products you avoid crowded stores. It is so annoying to maneuver with the trolley (and possibly with the kids) through the crowds in the store aisles to join the fight with someone for the last item on the shelf, to wait in the line for hours with the full of goods trolley and then to realize you have to buy something for the mother-in-law,  a colleague, or a neighbour. Isn’t that a stress? Purchase handmade products at local fairs, markets or boutiques, or buy online not to interfere with people at all.
  9. You can order the gift in the gift box. It doesn’t include all handmade products but there are more and more sellers who offer a gift wrapping service (sometimes even for free!) However, even if this service isn’t free, a few bucks that it will cost you, are definitely worth it, especially if you can’t find the wrapping paper you bought last year. That means you again have to go the crowded store to buy a new one, then to find free half-day to make space on the littered dining table for all these wrapping paper, tape, scissors, gift bags, tissue paper, and gifts. Save your time and energy!
  10. Handmade products are so unique and exclusive that even if a craftsman makes a replica, the item still won’t be identical. Every person will be pleased to know that the item you’ve bought for him / her is unique and no one has nothing similar. This is the key advantage of handicrafts which had a great impact at all times and especially at the modern times of machine production.

Dog owners know that their pets have become their true family members. And we often make gifts for them like for all other close people. Those who want to make a really nice gift for their dogs know that dog collars and leashes have long passed into the category of high-grade accessories for pets.

Our craftsmen keep up with this trend! Therefore, we have developed several lines of custom dog gear depending on the size of your pet. Purchase exclusive gear from our collections, and get a true accessory which which will not leave anyone indifferent!

Aside from aesthetic look, we guarantee high quality of the materials and fittings, durability and great design - you won’t find anything like this anywhere!