A collar is the most important part of dog ammunition.
So choosing a collar, as well as selecting other equipment, should be taken in right earnest. 
Nowadays, the widest breadth of collars on the market does amazes - from plane leather stripes to elegant chains made of precious metals.
And it is not surprising that often dog owners, especially novices, mistakenly buy the things that may cause inconvenience to their four-legged friends, or what is worse - injury.

Let’s determine the main aspects to keep in mind when choosing right leather dog collar.

Regular leather collar serves for everyday walking, training or simply for adorning your pet. They suit almost every dog, except the breeds with approximately equal head and neck diameters (e.g. Bullterriers).

Such dogs can easily slip out of collars. It’s important to choose the collar’s width according to the dog’s size and age.

Wide collars are good for massive dog’s. It’s better to select rounded collars, constructed as choke ones, for long-haired breeds.
They can be fastened as a regular and as a slip collar as well.
Leather rounded choke collar should be tough.
Let’s go ahead to consider the main demands placed on the dog collars:

  • it’s better to give preference to genuine leather two-ply collars. Artificial leather supplies is a complete waste.
  • the leather should be thick, without flows and certainly not overdried. 
  • the collar should be solid but not as tough as old boots, otherwise it can cause rubbing. 
  • select the collar’s width taking into account the dog’s size. Too narrow item will cut into the skin of a big dog. On the other hand, excessively thick collar will constrain the movement of a small animal. 
  • be sure that decorative elements don’t cause discomfort (rivets and other details should be properly secured with the edges rounded and polished. 
  • choose a collar with a maximal quantity of holes because the dog’s neck circumference may change (e.g. like with long-haired dogs while seasonal molting). 
  • wipe the item with your wet hand - it shouldn’t get painted. It’s important for a metal ring to be welded. 
  • attach a tag with your address and telephone number or ID tube to the ring. ID tube is a small case to keep a paper with information in it.

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